Imagine this: you run a micro or small business, and you are eager to do some marketing that will bring your business to the next level.


You hit a roadblock.


Passion got you this far. However, your team does not have the expertise to do marketing effectively. You lack the resources, manpower and budget to make marketing work for you.


Sounds familiar?


This is where CStory comes in to address the dilemma that many business owners and founders face.

Market your business, the self-serve way

We designed CStory with the micro or small business in mind. It can be easily implemented, even if you are a one-person company. This self-serve automated solution is simple, fuss-free and easy to use. It comes loaded with resources that micro or small businesses from many industries can easily customise. These businesses no longer have to hunt across multiple locations and activate contacts just to get a template. In one convenient online location, that can be accessed anywhere, CStory provides all the industry-specific templates, market intelligence and playbooks to a micro or small business’ marketing needs.

Keep budgets lean and mean

CStory can help keep your marketing budget lean. With time-based, low cost packages and frequently refreshed marketing intelligence, tools and materials, we have built an automated solution that is a friend to the wallet. With lower marketing spend, micro or small businesses can shift financial resources to other business areas that require more attention.

Gain full control of marketing efforts

CStory empowers business owners and founders to take full control of their marketing campaigns. CStory shares the most relevant industry-specific resources, marketing intelligence and know-how to micro or small businesses. Whether it is a media invite or a press release, or insights into journalists’ backgrounds and preferences, or even a toolkit for organising a small relationship building session with the media, CStory is the your one stop for convenient marketing assets.


CStory is enhanced by an add-on feature called Coach that helps you ask and clarify marketing-related questions through the platform. These questions are answered by experienced marketing professionals.


With all these ready resources at your fingertips, businesses can say goodbye to marketing challenges, and hello to marketing confidence.