About Us

CStory is designed to empower you and your brand to take control of your marketing.

Through a self-serve, machine-learning marketing platform, we make marketing
simple, efficient and cost effective.

CStory helps you:

Easily execute marketing campaigns

Easy access to professional expertise

Enjoy full control of marketing efforts

Enjoy lean and mean marketing budgets

CStory is your Personal Marketing Coach that gives you full control of your marketing.

CStory is developed by SG Story an independent marketing consultancy that has experience in marketing across industries such as B2B enterprise, corporate communications, finance,
hospitality,, technology, and travel.

The experienced team at SG Story is here to power CStory.

Adeline (Managing Partner) has approximately 17 years of agency and in-house experience in public relations and marketing communications. She has a strong focus on technology, corporate and consumer practices.

Aaron (Partner) has 18 years of agency and in-house marketing and public relations experience. His strength is in corporate communications, technology and B2B practices.

Edvarcl (Partner) started in digital media before pundits proclaimed email newsletters as a game-changer. He has 17 years of experience in editorial operations, media product management, and digital marketing.

Ruth (Senior Manager) has over 11 years of agency and in-house experience in public relations and marketing communications. Her key focus lies in consumer and business-to-consumer messaging.

Winnie (Manager) has almost eight years of experience in PR and Communications. In her previous role as account director, she led a team of consultants to strategise and execute effective media plans to achieve maximum media coverage.

Amber (Manager) is the resident digital and social media expert and works mainly on consumer and lifestyle clients. She helps to develop and analyse social media campaigns and content, as well as media plan and buy for social media platforms.

Leslie (Manager) works with PR and marketing communications clients with a focus on technology and corporate accounts. He is also actively involved in social media campaigns for clients building thought leadership on digital and social media platforms.