The versatility and adaptability of digital marketing has contributed to its increase in popularity in recent years.


Digital marketing can be defined as all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the Internet. Digital channels include search engines, emails, social media and websites that provide access to existing and potential customers.


Digital marketing can help contribute to a positive brand reputation


Positive brand content such as customer reviews, testimonials or shares can amplify brand reputation.


Using websites and social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, you can share positive customer reviews about your product or brand alongside a photo of your product to provide a visual aid.


With 4.6 million active social media users and 4.92 million Internet users in Singapore, your brand can easily build a reputation.


Additionally, good customer reviews improve conversions throughout the entire marketing funnel.

    • Prospective customers learn more about your brand through Instagram or Facebook posts or article reviews. For example, a post like “Hands down the best….ever!!” will definitely increase awareness of your brand.


      • People will start to gain interest in your brand. Therefore, they will search for your brand to learn more about your product.


    • Customers will compare your product to your competitors’ and may consider purchasing yours due to more positive feedback.


Digital marketing levels the online playing field for SMEs


Small firms have a broad competitive field that includes similar businesses as well as large companies.


Marketing alongside these giants used to be impossible with traditional marketing channels but digital marketing has changed all that.


For example, search engine advertising allows brands to bid for ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links when someone searches on a keyword that is related to their business offering.


Research shows that 75% of Internet users in Singapore use search engines for research purposes, to compare choices and product reviews before purchasing products.


Therefore, smaller brands can advertise to their targeted audiences alongside big brands. In addition, businesses can have their ads placed in strategic spots no matter how small they might be.


Digital marketing provides a personal touch


Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy to reach prospective customers and to retain the loyalty of existing customers.


Emails can be customised by:

  • Including the name of the customer to craft a unique email
  • Personalising product recommendations
  • Providing shopping cart reminders


Such services allow customers to feel more connected to your brand due to the personal touch from your customised emails.


When each customer feels like the brand is talking directly to them, it increases the likelihood of return purchases.




Some digital marketing tactics can help you promote your brand alongside big firms while building (or maintaining) relationships with existing and potential customers.


Digital marketing’s adaptability seems to be the perfect solution for your business to deal with the constantly changing needs and preferences of consumers.