Many business owners want to create unique brand stories for their businesses, but find it a challenge to do so. They find they lack either the time or the resources, or both.


Or they are under the impression that marketing can only be done by companies with big budgets and teams.


That’s why business owners like you need to know about CStory.


Designed by an SME for fellow SMEs, CStory is an online solution that puts the power of marketing into your hands. It provides up-to-date, cost effective, easy-to-use and industry-specific answers to your marketing needs, so you are empowered to create your own unique brand story.


No more worries about being time-starved or resource-challenged. With CStory, self-serve resources, customisable templates and market intelligence are easily accessible in one convenient location. These tools provide a solid foundation for businesses to carry out effective marketing communications campaigns, at a fraction of the cost.


To enable business owners like you to market your brand effectively without busting your budget, CStory has taken advantage of technology to introduce two key features: Library and Coach.


Library is a resource-bank for downloading industry-specific templates, how-tos, explainers, and guides. These assets will equip you with the tools to run an effective marketing campaign, whether you are launching a new product or engaging media and influencers. There are also regular intelligence reports about marketing and media trends. Simply answer a few questions to help us understand what you hope to achieve, and you will be on your way to accessing the right resources for your marketing needs.


Coach is a tool that helps you with the difficult marketing questions or challenging scenarios you might encounter as you start marketing your brand, company and products. Through an intuitive form, experienced human coaches provide the answers to your marketing queries.


So what are you waiting for? Click here to get started with CStory.